PWM Infrared Communication Solar Controller&LED Driver

PWM Infrared Communication Solar Controller&LED Driver

PWM Infrared Communication Solar Controller&LED Driver

  • Product Name: PWM Infrared Communication Solar Controller&LED Driver
  • Brand: 3Hz-SOLAR®
  • Model: 3HZ-LandStar-LPLI
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Packing way: Wooden case/wooden pallet

Product Highlights

Infrared wireless communication design

PWM charging mode

Support lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries

Lithium battery self-activating function

Intelligent power derating to ensure 365 days lighting on

Multiple load control modes (including midnight working mode)

Automatic load test feature during installation

Extensive electronic protection

IP68 protection class (1.5 meters, 72h)


Apply to lead-acid battery and lithium battery

Lithium battery self-activating function

Lithium battery low temperature protection function

Intelligent power mode with 365-day lighting control technology

Load reduce power automatically 

Load power limitation function

Maximum output eciency of 96%

Digital precision constant current control and the control accuracy are less than±2%

Discharging power calculation and real-time energy statistics recording function

Multiple load control modes, LED rated current and current percentage can be set

Load test function for detecting the system

Extensive electronic protections

Without any button, parameter setting via RC-10 and FC-01 with IR function

Fully encapsulated PCB, IP68 protection 

Aluminum housing for better cooling

Electronic protections

PV Reverse Polarity        

Battery Reverse Polarity           

Battery Over Voltage

Battery Over Discharge          

Battery Overheating

Libattery Low Temperature

Load Short Circuit

Load Open Circuit               

Load over voltage 

 Technical Specifications

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